toronto nutritionist

60 min intro consultation $150

This is my opportunity to learn as much as I can about you, so I can customize my recommendations to your goals. Afterwards you will receive dietary recommendations, a sample menu plan, and supplement considerations. I will also provide a food journal template to help identify any food triggers or sensitivities. 

toronto nutritionist

45 min follow up $95

In our follow up, we'll go over your progress and see where changes may be needed. We'll chat through what's working and what's not and refine from there. In person or via phone/Skype. 

toronto nutritionist

90 min workshop $185

In this practical session,  we'll put recommendations into action. This can include grocery shopping, meal planning, a cupboard clean-up, or cooking together. I'll answer questions and provide guidance as we go along. 


Package $375

This package may be particularly well suited to you if you're looking for long-term guidance, e.g. fertility, pregnancy, working towards an athletic event, or dealing with a chronic or autoimmune condition. Includes a 60-min intro consultation and 3 hours of follow-ups.


Group consultation $225

This is a more informal session where you and 1-3 of your friends or family members can discuss diet and lifestyle habits. Each of your will fill out the intake questionnaire. I'll answer questions and provide some recommendations to start implementing into your daily routine.