60 min intro consultation $150

This is my opportunity to learn as much as I can about you. During our first consultation, we’ll of course talk about food, but also lifestyle, stress, sleep, exercise, hobbies. I will provide some recommendations you can start implementing right away. I will then use what I’ve learned during our session to develop an individualized plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.


45 min follow-up $95

In our follow up, we'll go over your plan together. Recommendations will include notes on grocery shopping and food choices, a one-week personalized meal plan, supplement considerations, and additional resources for cooking and shopping. We’ll walk through the recommendations prepared for you and chat through any questions so you can leave feeling confident about making the changes we discussed.

toronto nutritionist

7-day meal plan $65

You may not feel that you need a full consultation together, but you would just like some inspiration, new recipe ideas, and meal planning tips. Then a meal plan would be a good fit for you. I'll provide a full week of meals, including recipe resources and snacks, fully customized to your goals and dietary requirements.

toronto nutritionist

3-month Package $375

This package may be particularly well suited to you if you're looking for long-term guidance, e.g. fertility, pregnancy, working towards an athletic event, or dealing with a chronic or autoimmune condition. Includes a 60-min intro consultation and 3 hours of follow-ups. Can be done in person or via phone/Skype.

toronto nutritionist

6-month package $600

An extended version of the 3-month package, this includes a 60-min intro consultation and 6 hours of follow-ups. Can be done in person or via phone/Skype.