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Hi! I’m Sabrina

Hi, I’m Sabrina Alberghi, a virtual plant-based athletic performance nutritionist.

My relationship with health started like most women. I began running years ago to maintain my weight and it quickly became a part of my health routine I didn’t think twice about. But as the years passed, I started to develop a deeper connection with running and with the community. That’s when running stopped being about weight loss and became a true lifestyle. I went from looking at calories burned to wanting to improve my performance and reach my full potential. 

“Running made me a better person,” is what you often hear in running circles. Because running is a big metaphor for life. It’s about perseverance, pushing through the tough times and going after big goals. As running became really important to me, I wanted to have every part of my life complement that, including the way that I ate and respected my body, so I could feel like my best self on the run and beyond. 

But my relationship with food wasn’t as linear of a progression as my running. In my early 20s, I tried to go plant-based, but was lacking the information. I couldn’t tell a protein from a carb, felt confused, and after a few months, I ended up going back to eating animal products. 

But I remained conflicted about my ethics. I felt guilty about not being able to stick to a plant-based diet and I wanted to find a way to make the change sustainable long-term. A couple of years later, this time with the tools and information, I made a progressive transition to a fully plant-based diet and literally never looked back. 

I was still unclear on how to optimize my performance with plant-based foods, though, and felt like resources were lacking in the community. So I decided to become a nutritionist so I could pay it forward and share my passion for plant-based nutrition with others. I completed my certification and it’s now my mission to help runners save time, energy and stress with plant-based cooking so you can perform at your best without compromising your values. 

Making plant-based eating work for your lifestyle is a journey. I understand that process because I’ve been through it. I’m here to help bridge the gap and support fellow runners to help them feel their best and reach their full potential. Six years into my plant-based journey (and many miles later), I’m performing at my best, feeling great in my training, and chasing those PRs! And I want to empower my fellow runners to do the same. 

I feel rewarded by helping this community through my virtual practice so that you too can honor your ethics, feel your best, and your reach your performance goals through optimum nutrition that is science-based and practical for your lifestyle. 

I currently live in Toronto, where you can find me on the run or petting wiener dogs, my spirit animal (they’ve got short legs, but they hustle!)