weight management


60 min intro consultation $150

This is my opportunity to learn as much as I can about you. During our first consultation, we’ll of course talk about food, but also lifestyle, stress, sleep, exercise, hobbies. I will provide some recommendations you can start implementing right away. I will then use what I’ve learned during our session to develop an individualized plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

toronto nutritionist weight loss

45 min follow-up $95

In our follow-up, we’ll discuss progress and how you’re finding your plan. We will make adjustments as needed to make sure you feel good continuing with the plan and are on track to reach your goals.

*Note: If you feel you would benefit from more than one follow-up, one of the packages below would be better suited for you.

toronto nutritionist weight loss

3 month package $375

This package may be particularly well suited to you if you're looking for long-term guidance, support, and accountability. Includes a 60-min intro consultation and 3 hours of follow-ups. Can be done in person or via phone/Skype.

toronto nutritionist weight loss

6 month package $600

An extended version of the 3-month package, this includes a 60-min intro consultation and 6 hours of follow-ups. Can be done in person or via phone/Skype.