plant-based nutrition for health

toronto nutritionist

60 min intro consultation $150

During our first consultation, we will go through a comprehensive assessment, including your dietary habits, sleep, exercise, stress, and more. Whether you’re dealing with digestive issues, recovery from an injury, or struggling with disordered eating, we will take a deep dive to get to the root cause. Following our session, you will receive a plan that will be fully customized to help you heal and recover. The plan will include nutritional guidelines, a 7-day meal-plan, and supplement recommendations.


45 min follow-up $95

In our follow-up, we will discuss progress, whether symptoms have improved and how you’re finding your plan. We will make adjustments as needed to make sure you feel good continuing with the plan and are on track to fully regain your health.

*Note: If you feel you would benefit from more than one follow-up, one of the packages below would be better suited for you.

toronto nutritionist

3 month package $375

This package is well suited for those who are looking for more ongoing support. Perhaps you’re struggling with a chronic condition or simply feel that you need more accountability to stay on track with regular touch points. This package includes four 60-min sessions (can be broken down into shorter follow-ups). In person or via phone/Skype.


6 month package $600

An extended version of the 3-month package, this includes eight total sessions. In person or via phone/Skype.