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content strategy

Tell me if this sounds like you: you have an Instagram account for your brand, maybe a Facebook page, you publish posts from time to time, but you’re not seeing results. My question to you is, do you have:

  • a brand voice and visual identity

  • a multi-channel publishing schedule

  • clear performance objectives and KPIs

  • an understanding of the influencers in your industry

  • a community of engaged followers

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of the above, let’s strategize together.

toronto nutritionist

subject matter expertise

Ever read a movie review and thought to yourself: ‘the person who wrote this has never watched the film.’ This happens way too often on social media. Community managers and junior team members are tasked with developing content…on subjects they know next to nothing about. And it shows. It compromises your credibility as a brand, weakens your audience’s trust, and offers no added value.

What you need is a subject matter expert, someone who knows the field like the back of their hand. Health, nutrition, wellness - that’s my forte.

toronto nutritionist

team management

Does this describe your ‘social media team’? You have a community manager, a graphic designer helping out from time to time, maybe a freelancer who writes your emails…but no one bringing the whole team together? When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, everybody needs to be singing from the same song sheet.

That means getting your team on board with a cohesive strategy and action plans, so you can reach your objectives. Clear direction, ongoing support, and management - that’s what I bring to the table. I’m the conductor.

Hourly rate $50-100 based on scope of work